Psalm 119:105 says, ‘Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.’

Yet it’s heartbreaking that so many of our fellow believers around the world can’t read these words and fully understand their significance.

But your gift today of £17 will change that for someone in the Koma community in northern Ghana. Your donation will give the life-changing gift of a Bible in their language. Imagine the profound impact this could have, just like the transformation experienced by Laminu (pictured below).

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Image of Laminu, a Koma pastor in Ghana, reading the Koma New Testament

Laminu lives in an isolated community, and in 2006 when the first New Testament arrived in his language of Koma, he picked up a copy and took it home to read. Laminu was convinced it truly was the word of God, and gave his life to Christ.

But there was no church in his village. So every Sunday for a year, Laminu cycled 17 miles (each way!) to the nearest Koma church. The long journey inspired him to start a small fellowship in his own village. That small group is now the largest church in the whole Koma area.

But Laminu and the people in his church can’t – yet – read Psalm 119, or the story of creation, or the story of Moses, or Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus coming.

By donating £17 today, you will put the complete life-transforming word of God into the hands of a Koma person like Laminu. 

It has taken years of hard work by local translators to finish translating the entire Bible into Koma. Now, the Koma people need your help with the only remaining hurdle: printing and distributing 1,000 Bibles.

Let’s not make Laminu and the Koma people wait any longer for this. Your gift can truly make a life-changing difference in someone’s life.

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Will you join us in bringing God’s word to the Koma community?

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