All around the world, the Bible is transforming lives: bringing hope, drawing people to Jesus, and deepening their knowledge and love of God.

But so many people still don’t have the eternal truth of the Bible in their language.

1 in 5 people do not have access to the Bible in the language they understand best.

Imagine you’re at a banquet but it’s not food or drink – it’s a Bible banquet. There are 7,099* guests representing each language of the world, but at one end of the table there is abundance while at the other there is not a single verse of Scripture. How would you feel about a God who doesn’t seem to speak your language?

Watch the video below to get the full picture:

Image of people sitting at a dinner table with empty plates
*7,099 was the number of living ISO languages in the world at the time of making the video. Since then, the number has grown to 7,166 as other languages have been recognised. Wycliffe’s figure for the number of languages (as listed in our Statistics page) is higher because it includes non-ISO languages, which incorporates non-ISO Sign Languages.
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