We send out regular press releases, with stories, updates and news about Bible translation. We also have access to lots of exciting stories and all the vital information relating to Bible translation.

If you are a journalist or work in the media and have an enquiry, or you do not yet receive these press releases, please contact Jeremy Weightman (jweightman@wycliffe.org.uk).

Wycliffe Bible Translators seeks to create a world where everyone can know Jesus through the Bible. It does this through a range of activities, including Bible translation, literacy and Scripture use initiatives.

Currently, Wycliffe has 360 people from the UK and Ireland serving 530 million people who speak 350 languages in over 70 countries. Of the 7,300 or so languages spoken worldwide today, only 717 have the Bible.

Around 1.5 billion people (1 in every 5 people) do not have the Bible in their language. As a result, translation of the Bible into people’s languages is one of the critical needs in world mission, to enable the growth of evangelism and discipleship ministries.

Find out more about Bible translation statistics here. Read more about Wycliffe’s vision here.

For more information contact: Jeremy Weightman, Wycliffe Bible Translators, PO Box 1643, Oxford OX4 9PB

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