Updated: 2 May 2024

1 in 5 people are still waiting for the Bible in their language

7,397 languages in the world (up 1 from last month)

3,681 languages have no Scripture – yet (down 11 from last month)

But huge progress is being made:

An average of one new translation (a full Bible or New Testament) is being completed every week

An average of one new language project is beginning every day

See the most recent State of the Bible report here.

Completed translation (May 2024)

748 Bibles (up 4 from last month)

1,704 New Testaments (up 11 from last month)

1,264 portions of Scripture (down 3 from last month)

Each language only included in one category

Translation in progress (April 2024)

3,880 languages where work is currently in progress (up 79 from last month)

*All statistics, ProgressBible Snapshot (May 2024)

Funding and people from the UK and Ireland plays a very significant role in the worldwide Bible translation movement. 

In summary:

Over 350 people from the UK and Ireland are serving over 580 million people speaking over 320 languages in over 60 countries.

The detailed numbers are:

352 people from the UK and Ireland (287 mission partners serving with Wycliffe, 45 employed staff, and 20 full or part-time volunteers – note: the number of volunteers does not include occasional volunteers like volunteer speakers)

Serving 583,482,090 people 

Who speak 323 languages 

In 62 countries around the world

Some of the funding and the work of people serving from the UK and Ireland is not directly related to an individual language, but plays a vital role in enabling the wider Bible translation movement around the world to function well.

All this work is only possible because of the financial support and prayers of Christians and churches around the UK and Ireland – so thank you so much for your partnership in the vital ministry of Bible translation.

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