‘You are the answer to our prayers. Thank you for your support. Without you the translation couldn’t happen. We ask our Father to continue to bless you and we know that one day we will all meet in heaven.’

Pastor Paul* – Flame* Church leader and Bible translator, West Africa 
*name changed for security reasons


Huge progress

Last year more than one new translation was launched every week

Your support is making a huge difference – now more people have more of the Bible in their language than ever before!

This progress is happening only because of God’s work through you.

Thank you – your generosity is making a significant difference in the lives of so many people, churches and communities around the world (like this Flame* speaking woman worshipping in Pastor Paul’s church in West Africa).

Quote graphic

‘We always thank God for all of you.’

1 Thessalonians 1:2

‘It’s great to join in with brothers and sisters who we’ve never met, yet together our prayers and giving are helping the task of Bible translation.

We recognise what God has done in our lives through his word, so it’s very motivating to play our part so that others can experience that too.’

Ian and Fay Kirby, Wycliffe supporters

‘I am very thankful for the people who pray for us and who financially support our work.’

Wajid* – Leoma* Bible translator, West Asia
*name changed for security reasons

Changed lives

All over the world access to the Bible is changing lives

‘Having the Bible in my language brought me from darkness to light.’

Abraham – Gamo speaker, Ethiopia


A historic opportunity

There is now more Bible translation work in progress than ever before

Which means that in the coming years there is a historic opportunity to get significantly closer to the vision of everyone being able to know Jesus through the Bible.

This work is urgent. That is why Wycliffe is aiming to double the amount of funding we send to translation projects in the next three years.

With your help, together we can say ‘yes’ to more translation teams that have asked for support.

350 350 people from the UK and Ireland
580m Serving over 580 million people
320 Who speak over 320 languages
60 In over 60 countries

Featured translation projects

These are some of the translation projects that your generosity is enabling to happen.

To protect the teams involved in work that is happening in places hostile to the gospel, we often – especially in Asia – can’t use real names, or give exact locations. Some we can’t mention online at all.

Thank you for the difference your giving and praying is making for each of these translation teams.

*names changed for security reasons

Central Africa

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

‘There are many people who are committed to combatting our problems in Congo: poverty, hunger, wars that never end. But the only way to truly transform our population is to use God’s word in our own language.’

Marius – Bible translator, Democratic Republic of Congo



‘When I read about Jesus being a good shepherd, I was really touched by it. Give me more materials in the Faegen language, so that I may grow in the knowledge of the Lord.’

Matthew* – member of the Faegen community in Asia

West Africa


‘We are really thankful for this programme. Before it started, our children were learning the same lessons year in and year out from age three to age 15. The children were bored… [but now] the children are the biggest group in the church and they are enthusiastic!’

Levi – Lofsang* church pastor



‘We never thought this would happen in our community. For us, making [written] scripts and translating the word of God are things that are beyond our capabilities and totally impossible. But see, now, by God, everything is possible! Now we know we are in the heart of God.’

Zana*– Gerad* Christian



‘Why should we not be like our brothers and sisters in the West who have both Testaments? Then we can know all about the promises of God from the Old Testament and how they came to be fulfilled through Jesus?’

Lonh – Bunong Bible translator


The Roma people, Standard Romani Bible project

‘When the people have the Bible in the Romani language it will help them understand that they are seen by God and they are loved by God.’

Daniel, Standard Romani Bible translator


The Contemporary Wolof Bible project

‘I have never understood the word of God and the Bible stories as much as I do... I can now remember the smallest details.’

A member of the Wolof translation team on the impact of bringing the Bible to their own people in their own language


The Weh people

‘I thank God for making me part of this project. When I look at myself today and look at what is happening back in the community, I glorify God for the project.’

Ning, Weh team member


The Guera project

‘When people read the Bible in French, it is like God is speaking in parables... When people read the Bible in Migaama, even the little ones can understand.’

Migaama oral storyteller

Burkina Faso

The Bissa Barka people

‘I could not imagine for even one second that I would see a translation of the New Testament in my own mother tongue... Praise be to God!’

Bissa Barka church leader Mrs Diessengo


The Leafa* people

‘In all this we have seen God’s power to preserve us no matter the challenges that we face.’

Leafa translator


The Bydla* people

‘The Lord is using the message in the community as a seed that will bear fruit very soon.’

Bydla* translator Angavu*

Togo and Benin

The Ifè people

‘For a long time I have heard teachings and sermons on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I even read that portion of the Bible several times and in different versions. But when I read the crucifixion scene in my own language, I shed tears! The words chosen to describe the scene were accurate and natural, and were very moving. Tears flowed, even without me realising it!’

An Ifè church member

West Asia

The Leoma* people

‘If God loves the whole world, then the Leoma people are included, but how will they know that God loves them if they do not have the message in their language? That is what keeps us going.’
Leoma* translator Ibrahim*


The Aru project

‘When I hear them reading the Bible in our language and praying in our language, I feel like the words pierce and cut my heart in two.’
Martha, local church leader

West Asia

The Ceren* people

‘Thank you for working with us, for working with our languages because they are very dear to us and a deep part of who we are. Where many do not care about us and do not see us, you have cared, you have seen. Thank you!’
A Ceren* leader


The Banyole people

‘Today we are celebrating having God’s word in the language of our heart. Yes, the language in which we mourn, think, sin, live and dream. God speaks to be understood. That is why we have translation. God has used many people to bring about what we see today.’
A Banyole man at the New Testament launch celebrations


The Bagwere people

‘Through the Lugwere New Testament, God speaks more directly to our hearts. I pray that the Old Testament comes soon, so that we get the full counsel of God.’
Sarah, local Bagwere speaker

West Africa

The Flame* people

‘When you have finished translating and when our children read this, then this town will understand the truth and will change!’
A Flame* imam

Image of the front cover of the Wycliffe Annual Progress Report 2023-24

Record-breaking progress for Bible translation

Read your Bible translation progress report – in it you can find out about how God is at work through your prayers and generosity to bring about a world where everyone can know Jesus through the Bible!

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