In special celebration of John Wycliffe’s 700th anniversary, Wycliffe is inviting you to Walk for the Word

… a sponsored walk for you, your small group or your church that raises money to support the 1 in 5 still waiting to have access to God’s word in their own language. 

To take part simply:

  1. Choose your distance:
    1. Walk 7 km on your own
    2. Walk 70 km collectively as a house group
    3. Walk 700 km collectively as a church.
  2. Set a walk date (any time from 1 March 2024 onwards) and consider a fundraising goal.
  3. Sign up for your sponsored Walk for the Word pack. Click here to register your interest now, or call 0300 303 1111.
  4. After you have signed up, we will send you a pack of information and resources to assist you in preparing your walk and collecting sponsors. The resources include posters, playlists, and family-friendly and group walk ideas to help make your walk a great experience!
  5. Send us pictures or stories about your Walk for the Word to:

Sign up for your sponsored Walk for the Word pack using the form which will be posted below soon, arrange your date, and get people involved.

Sign up button

Thank you for walking together to help those yet to receive a Bible in their own language and we hope you have a great walk!

For help or support in relation to your Walk for the Word please contact Matt Smith at: or call 01865 415867.

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