Photo of Pastor Folajimi Ayo Adedoyin
Board Member

Pastor Folajimi Ayo Adedoyin

Ayo is passionate about playing a part in communicating to all people the promises and power that come through the Bible.


Ayo says: ‘The word of God framed everything we see today. It is a privilege to play a part in introducing God’s word to everyone in their own language.’


Ayo Adedoyin is a society development consultant with a passion for social justice. He has been part of the leadership team of Jesus House, a Redeemed Christian Church of God church in London, for two decades. 


Ayo is also the chief executive officer of an international development human rights and social justice charity, which mobilises African diaspora communities in the UK to advocate against insecurity and injustice across sub-Saharan Africa. Ayo also consults for a wide array of enterprises across the private, public and charity sectors internationally. Ayo is married to Lola and together they have two young adult children.


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