Photo of Simon Austen
Relationships Director

Simon Austen

Simon is passionate about the vital role that the Bible plays in bringing people to Jesus and in enabling God’s people to become more like Jesus.


Simon says: I am convinced that the Bible runs to the heart of God’s purposes for the world. He powerfully brings people to him and grows his people to be more like Jesus as his word is made known and his Spirit works. Having seen such spiritual transformation in the lives of many people, I long for others to have that same life-changing opportunity. Having the Bible in a language that people can understand is the bedrock on which all such hopes are built.’


Simon has been involved in Bible ministry for many years, serving as a church pastor in Carlisle and more recently as Rector of St. Leonard’s Church in Exeter. Prior to these roles he worked for some time as an assistant minister and as a school chaplain in Buckinghamshire. He is married to Fiona, a harpist and pianist, and has three grown-up children.

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