No Bible Sunday is a resource for churches who would like to help their congregations to understand what it is like not to have the Bible in your language. It is based around the central idea of members of your church experiencing what it might be like not to have a Bible in English.

We’ve called the event No Bible Sunday and it can be run at a church service (including as an all-age service) or for smaller groups. There’s even specific materials for running a children’s group.

We have two objectives for our No Bible Sunday events.

No Bible Sunday, some of the resources available

The first is that by challenging what we take for granted, we hope that we can encourage a renewed gratitude and passion for the word of God in our lives.

And second, to highlight the desperate need for over 1.5 billion people across the world to have the word of God in their own language, so that they might know for themselves the wonderful message of the gospel.

We have a complete set of resources available for you to run a Sunday service on the NoBibleSunday theme. You can download them below:

In addition, we have a set of seven devotionals to help your church engage with the whole concept of NoBibleSunday. You can download these below:

We’d love to hear your feedback on how your No Bible Sunday service went, so please do email us at, letting us know your comments. Want to learn more about who Wycliffe Bible Translators are? Why not visit the about page or watch our ‘who we are‘ video.

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