Image of a Shang woman from Nigeria

I am filled with joy as I now have the chance to hear these words in our language… You have come to our community to sow a seed.

John Tanko, chief of the Shang people of Nigeria

The Shang in northern Nigeria are one of the first communities in the Mark Road initiative, which is seeking to engage 40 communities in Nigeria in Bible translation over the next four years. The Shang have started on the journey of translating their first 100 Bible verses from Mark’s Gospel into their language.

Recently, the Shang community took part in a two-day workshop to translate the story of Jesus calming the water, which is the first-ever Bible story in their language!

The Shang people ask you to pray for:

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– wisdom and insight for the Shang trainee translators as they meet weekly;

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– a strong and fruitful relationship between the local team and the experienced translators;

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– God’s word to powerfully impact the hearts of the community, from youngest to oldest.

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