If you have skills and experience in management or administration, you can help to facilitate Bible translation.

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‘What I enjoy the most is the variety of the things I am involved in.’

Ian Lund, serving with Wycliffe in Mozambique

Management, leadership and administration roles play a vital part in enabling the work of Bible translation to happen.

Overseas and at home, the need for managers and administrators continues to grow as Bible translation and literacy work expand into new countries. At present, administration is one of the most critical needs within Wycliffe.

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‘Everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.’

1 Corinthians 14:40

Skills and experience

Many of the skills and qualities that make a good administrator are essential to the smooth running of a Bible translation team. Many situations call for imagination, ingenuity and initiative, as well as a deep sense of commitment to the Lord.

If God has given you administrative or management skills, then these can be invested in taking his word to hundreds of people groups around the world.

Management and administration roles vary considerably, but may involve:

  • carrying out management functions such as planning, organising and coordinating staff within the context of a cross-cultural team;
  • supervising and overseeing the training of expatriate and national staff;
  • performing HR activities, such as the recruiting, equipping and care and support of people who serve with Wycliffe;
  • managing the day-to-day running of a regional office to enable language work to continue;
  • writing funding proposals for Bible translation and literacy projects.

We would love to talk to you about serving God through management and administration – contact us here.

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