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‘I’ve always intended to give in my Will to charities like Wycliffe, because I believe it continues the joy I have had in giving to mission throughout my lifetime.’

In 2018, Rachel and her husband Doug travelled to Nigeria with Wycliffe to visit the Koro Bible translation project serving speakers of the Ashe, Duya, Nyankpa and Waci languages.

Over two weeks they spent time with church partners and local communities and visited with the chief of each area exploring how Bible translation is changing lives. Rachel recounts how giving to Wycliffe makes such a huge difference and why it has brought her joy to think how a gift in her Will can continue to impact so many lives in the future.

As with many married couples, Rachel and Doug started off married life in rather meagre surroundings. ‘When we moved into our first house together, everything we bought was second hand, we didn’t even have a fridge or washing machine for six months! I remember the first new purchase we made was a carpet for the living room. We ran a midweek games night for Crusaders (now known as Urban Saints), who spilt Copydex on it which couldn’t be removed without cutting the area out of the carpet. I guess it showed us at an early stage that our things aren’t the most important things in life.’

Church life has always been crucial to Rachel and Doug, and even before they met they were members of Pathfinders and Crusaders. This instilled in them, early on, a deepened affiliation with mission and a passion for scripture. ‘I’ve always believed that faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes from the word of God, which is why even from our first wage packets, we decided to give to Wycliffe because having access to the Bible is so important for everyone.’

Nigerian Bible translator Sunday Wenji reads to some children from the Nyankpa Scriptures

Rachel and Doug have supported Wycliffe for over 50 years, which is why, when offered the chance to visit the Koro project in Nigeria to which they had made a special donation, and, after much deliberation, they decided to go. ‘On one occasion during our visit, we went to the first showing of the JESUS film in the Duya language. There was much anticipation and at the end of the viewing, the leader challenged the crowd to respond. Not speaking the language ourselves, we could only watch on as nearly all those present responded. It was amazing to see that hearing the film in their own language for the first time had clearly spoken to people’s hearts. Jesus spoke Duya. Jesus loved them.

‘Such is the impact of translation that whole communities are being transformed through engagement with God’s word in the Koro cluster, where Wycliffe is currently serving the local translation team as it seeks to bring the whole Bible to the area. ‘When we were going to visit the Nyankpa chief, it transpired that he had been unwell for almost a year and was unable to receive guests. Despite this, he got out of bed and invited the team and us to visit him; such was his appreciation and understanding of the value of the translation work for the people he leads. It was very humbling to witness and very special to meet and to embrace one another joyfully and to share and pray together about what God was doing there.’

Since returning, Rachel and Doug have both spent time sharing about the huge difference giving to Wycliffe is making to communities like the people in these. ‘What delights me so much about giving to Wycliffe is that we can be part of an achievable goal. Providing scripture in everyone’s own language isn’t a pious dream – with God’s help and our support it can happen and it needs to happen. People need to know God loves them. God speaks their language too. I believe that sharing your own faith in Jesus is so important and that the Bible provides the foundation for that sharing. It truly brings me so much joy giving toward Bible translation, both in my lifetime and beyond it, by giving through my Will!’

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‘We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.’

Psalm 78:4

Would you consider leaving a gift to Wycliffe in your Will?

Faithful supporters leaving a gift in their Will ensure that future generations and whole communities around the world will continue to be transformed through engaging with the good news of Jesus Christ in the language that speaks to them best.

Would you consider leaving a gift to Wycliffe in your Will?

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