1 in 5 people don’t yet have the Bible in the language that speaks to them best, which significantly hinders the growth of the worldwide church.

But when people have the Bible churches grow, and in some places are established for the first time. And your church, through sending people to serve God in the ministry of Bible translation, plays a key role in creating a world where everyone can know Jesus through the Bible.

Serving through Sending Booklet Cover

Thank you that your church already is, or is considering, playing a role in the worldwide ministry of Bible translation. Wycliffe’s desire is to serve your church well. We want to help and resource you as you support and care for the people you are sending to serve in Bible translation ministry.

We know the many pressures that church leaders are under, and the many demands on your time. So Wycliffe would love to be of help, and this booklet is designed to help you with practical, simple ideas for ways in which your church can support those you are sending to serve God in Bible translation.

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