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International Mother Language Day

‘A great spiritual, social and economic transformation’ View story
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‘My dream is to see the Senegalese people accept Jesus’

How Augustin’s work as a Bible translator is transforming lives today – and leaving a legacy for future generations View story
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‘It trembles my heart’

Singing songs with the words of Scripture in their own language has been key to the Me’en people coming to faith in Jesus View story
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‘Now they can learn to read in their own language’

A new literacy and reading programme is helping the children of the Pokot people in Uganda to stay in school and get an education View story
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Last but not least

‘They like their language, they want to praise God in their language!’ View story
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A translation with no borders

‘I pray sometimes in the national language, Romanian, and sometimes in my own Romani language. When I pray in Romani I feel I am heard in a different way. We need the Bible in Romani.’ View story
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Another year of dramatic progress in Bible translation

‘We are seeing something extraordinary in world mission, as we see this rapid acceleration of Bible translation.’ View story
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God’s word is transforming the Nyiha

Recently launched New Testament will build on what God is already doing View story
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Translating for the next generation

‘Having God’s word in our Romani language is a vital expression of the fact that we are precious in God’s sight, and that our culture and language is loved by God.’ View story

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