Don’t think you have to be a linguist to serve with Wycliffe!

SkillServe is a short-term volunteering opportunity open to people at any stage of life. Generally between six weeks and two years, it is designed to match people with diverse skills to specific needs around the world.

You could be involved in:

  • developing software;
  • IT technical support;
  • helping with childcare;
  • teaching;
  • administration;
  • finance;
  • project management;
  • and many more roles.

You will be challenged and stretched as you serve God and assist team members in doing their jobs, either in a village or an urban setting.

Experience life in a very different culture. Grow in your relationship with God. Make a difference.

To find out more, contact

Learning in Lima

James Gourley is from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, and is currently studying Spanish and Portuguese at Oxford University. Read about his experience on SkillServe.

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