Wycliffe is a mission agency with a big vision – for a world where everyone can know Jesus through the Bible.

The generosity of key supporters and trusts is making such a significant difference in accelerating the work of Bible translation, and in moving us towards achieving that vision.

‘We are so grateful for the key supporters and trusts whose partnership has enabled us to take on more Bible translation projects that we’d dreamed about.

The difference that these translations – that are only happening because of the generosity of key supporters – will make in the lives of people for generations to come, and for eternity, is incalculable.

We want to do more, however. We will not rest while there are still people without access to the Bible in their language.

But to do more we need increased funding. So if you are considering giving a major gift to the vital and urgent work of Bible translation, we would love to talk to you about the difference your giving could make.’


James Poole

‘For the finances,
for the prayers,
I don’t have enough words
to express my gratitude.
May the Lord bless you.’

Rogers Kinani Wako
Chairperson Lugwere Bible translation

Investing in growth

If you are considering making a significant gift to the ministry of Bible translation, we would love to talk to you to discuss the impact you would like to make and how your giving can best be used to enable people to know Jesus through the Bible.

This is such an exciting time to play a key part in the work of Bible translation. There are more Bible translations in progress now than ever before – this means, with continued and increased investment – a time is in sight in the coming 15–20 years when it is possible that the vast majority of people could have the Bible in their language.

Your generosity can play a part in making that possibility become reality.

You may want to consider investing in translation projects that are just beginning. Or in playing a key role in getting translation projects that are close to the finishing line completed so that the Bible is in the hands and hearts of people. Or you may be interested in investing in Wycliffe’s work in the many places around the world which are hostile to the gospel, but need the hope that comes through Jesus.

Please do contact us, we would love to explore how we can connect your heart and calling to invest in mission with the Bible translation needs around the world.

Sue Wilmot


If you are an individual, Sue Wilmot would love to hear from you at swilmot@wycliffe.org.uk.

Sue is passionate about the difference the work of Bible translation makes. She says: ‘What drives me most is enabling people to know Jesus as they encounter his life-saving words in the Bible.’


IllumiNations is an annual event for key supporters – and potential new key supporters – of Bible translation. At illumiNations the key agencies working in Bible translation come together to celebrate all that God has done, and all that God will do, in and through Bible translation. In May 2023 it takes place at the Fairmount Hotel in Windsor.

Laura Hambleton and Maria Wooldridge

Trusts and foundations

If you represent a trust or foundation Laura Hambleton or Maria Wooldridge would love to hear from you at trusts@wycliffe.org.uk

Laura and Maria know the key difference that the investment of trusts and foundations is making in the progress of Bible translation. Laura and Maria say: ‘It is a pleasure to work with trusts and foundations to match their giving with key translation projects around the world. We love seeing how God uses that investment to make such a difference in the lives of people and churches in places where the hope of the gospel is so badly needed.’

Wycliffe's annual progress report

Huge progress is being made in the work of Bible translation – read the Wycliffe annual progress report to see some of the many ways your support is making a difference.

Thank you so much for choosing to invest in the vital and urgent work of Bible translation.

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