You might wonder: is the Bible available in every language yet?

Unfortunately, no, the urgent work of Bible translation has not yet been completed. Currently around 1 in 5 people worldwide – that is over 1.5 billion people – still do not have the Bible in the language they know best.

While huge progress is being made (read State of the Bible  22), much work and investment is needed to ensure that all people can know Jesus through the Bible in their language.

But excitingly, more translation work is in progress now than ever before – all because of the giving and praying of people like you. 

If this momentum can be maintained and accelerated through increased investment, then the time is in sight when all people will have access to the Bible in their language. So this is a very important time in the history of translation around the world.

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Words for Life Cover August 2024

Words for Life magazine

Words for Life is the Wycliffe magazine and Prayer diary, which contains the latest stories and prayer requests from around the world.

In it you can read about how God changes people’s lives through having the Bible in their language, discover more about the work of Bible translation, and meet some of the people for whom your giving and praying is making such a huge difference.

Story by: Bryony Lines

Date: 17/11/2022

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